CFE Ass1 Dev Blog 10: Presention Decision

In blog 8 I was weighing all the options of how to present me idea. I have now made a decisision.

laptopanphonelaptopI will remove the background of similar to the mockups above then I will present them on slides templates I have prepared below. Which is consistent with my brand identity.PresentTemplate1PresentTemplate2


CFE Ass1 Dev Blog 9: Comparing Brand & Web Design

When I started to develop this project I decided to separate the branding from Pearson. Although I like how my web visualisations look, I want to compare Pearson’s branding to mine to see the departures I made. And see if should reincorporate some of the original aspects back into my project.


A far as font styling goes in happy with mine although I could increase the sizing across the board. Pearson outshines my visualisations in terms of clarity, which I think is due in-part to a one colour branding. Which I don’t really want to adopt in to my branding since I like the flamboyancy of the gradients but I think should its use in to the background for a couple of pages. I need to find a balance between white and the gradients when it comes to site visualisations.

CFE Ass1 Dev Blog 8: Presenting the Idea

Now that I have a clear branding identity and a web visualisations of the service. I’m brainstorming the way I want to present them whilst addressing the brief in the JPEG slides.

I could use a similar flat perspective way to present my website. Though I like the design I all found it a bit clinical looking. Also I feel like it be too understated considering my branding, chances are that my background colour will take away the attention from this design.

I’m really fond of the simple, flat cartoon designs that visually explain products. Although this would be a departure for I still feel like I would be able to incorporate my established branding. Albeit with less geometric shapes to avoid visual noise. Time is the biggest problem with this only having a week to create these slides is very constricting. And using mockups are not really an option, because I would need to design a style that will fit for my product.

Really like product mockups because it shows what interacting with your product will look like. But the pictures seem so uniform and I would want be able to include them into my slides as is. I would key out the backgrounds to most of these mockups to make seem as if its jumping on to the slide, more visually exciting.

CFE Ass1 Dev Blog 7: Brand Consistency

Even though I am pleased with how the branding came out with the addition of the geometrical design. I have started to work on the website visualisations and found its addition very abrasive and visually messy. And one of main goals is to make a simple but polished website. So my solutions was to fade out most of the shapes, so it doesn’t quite jump out as much. With this solutions I keep my branding consistent and I do find my page more aesthetically pleasing now.

2017-11-26 (2)2017-11-26 (1)

CFE Ass1 Dev Blog 4: Brand Decision

I decided to keep the Pearson branding since I think that it has more positives than negatives. The new initiative will be called “Skills Deck”. Since I decided to use Pearson branding specifically the logo, I have to follow their guidelines for it’s usage. As I plan to separate it from the main site as their usually focus is on education.

2017-11-23 (1)