Project Realisation – Assignment 1 blog: Character code: Attaching life points to Gus

Coming close to the ending the character event sheet. I make sure to start coding the unresponsive life points. I this is having a instance on the life point object that triggers a scene reset when the number of life points is less than one. The next step is to have enemy collisions destroy one life points on eavh collision but only when Gus is not attacking. I complete this later.

I went onto set Gus’ hit animations before moving on to the next phase.


Project Realisation – Assignment 1 blog: Character code: Attacking

Continuing with Gus’ collisions, I made his attack state on trigger once for each time the player attacks. I made this decision partially to avoid making Gus overpowered, increasing the enemies relative strength. Another reason I made this decision was because it gets the player to tap the space button repeatedly. Which is fun, to a younger audience, which this game targets. Also, with few inputs, getting the player to repeat the sole offensive one more than once to take an enemy down would be more satisfiying.2018-06-24 (6)

Project Realisation – Assignment 1 blog: Building the level part 2

The simplicity of the game made building the level difficult. With not many mechanics at my disposal I had to think outside the box, to give the level some feeling of unpredictablity. Many of the sequenced platforms I added towards the end of the level, do not have collisions. This adds two things to experience first simply being variations. Second, as it’s easy for to ignore many enemies beneath, it makes players have deal with the enemies they missed previously.

Project Realisation – Assignment 1 blog: Building the level

Taking a calculated break from coding as I’m about to move onto scripting the enemy AI. Although I have a clear direction for I want to make it, I want to avoid having to go back alter the event sheet continous. Building the scene’s level before making the code will inform how I create the enemy AI. Below you can see the placement of Gus, the enemies and Tiles.2018-06-24 (3)

I also, added an object on bottom of the scene that resets the level when Gus collides with it.

Project Realisation – Assignment 1 blog: Life points & recovery state

I coded the health points on the top left corner of my game. The player’s remaining life points are indicated by stylized music notes. I also thought ahead and added a recover state much like the one featured in a any mario game. This state is crucial to have on the character the player is controlling as it, avoided the problem of being stunned and in an loop of taking damage till the character dies.

Adding the recover state to my game made it much easier so to add compensate for the drop in difficulty. I had it so when an enemy hits you, fall down. I did this by increasing the player gravity on hit. This made the enemy projectiles in game more deadly. Which I will keep in mind as I build the level’s platform layout.


Project Realisation – Assignment 1 blog: Background music issue

I understand adding scene music to be easy in Construct 2 though I never done it. The method was straightforward and easy to follow, however My software seems to be having a problem, since the other to create and audio event or action is available to me. As you can see below.2018-06-23 (5)


I tried unistalling an reinstalling my construct 2 twice, however the issue still persists. This could be very damaging to my project as music is one for the major theme and element for this artefact. However, I feared that I took too long of a break from coding the game. Admittedly, becuase I know how tricky enemy AI is. I have no choice but to revisit this issue when my game is at functional.

Project Realisation – Assignment 1 blog: Character design: Bandmembers

As a complete oversight, I forgot to even make the who are essentially the goal of this game. Below I made two members of his band, only making one or two frames for each of them. If I have time towards the end of the project. I will animate both of them upon the collision of Gus, showing the member with the microphone bringing it closer to his face. And for the female member potentially animating her hitting Gus or doing some type of motion showing annoyance. Conversely, I can place drumsticks in her hand and have her tapping them together showing that they are about to begin practice.