CFE Ass1 Dev Blog 9: Comparing Brand & Web Design

When I started to develop this project I decided to separate the branding from Pearson. Although I like how my web visualisations look, I want to compare Pearson’s branding to mine to see the departures I made. And see if should reincorporate some of the original aspects back into my project.


A far as font styling goes in happy with mine although I could increase the sizing across the board. Pearson outshines my visualisations in terms of clarity, which I think is due in-part to a one colour branding. Which I don’t really want to adopt in to my branding since I like the flamboyancy of the gradients but I think should its use in to the background for a couple of pages. I need to find a balance between white and the gradients when it comes to site visualisations.


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