AIN Ass3 Dev Blog 11: Coding The Character

The video I found on my last entry was pretty extensive, although the game being made was different. It has been the only guide I needed since.

The first thing I added did coding was set up controls for the character, because I wanted to test out my animation as soon as possible. Because I felt I may have some issues with it.  I created Event sheet (where you write code) just for the character’s code. So this Excludes AI which I went on to make later on.

The first distinction the video made clear in my gap of knowledge was that you use an invisible object which interacts with the world around it. And that the animations are just a visual representation of what’s going on behind the scene. For example, if you press ‘D’ (which triggers an instance) the object moves (which is known as a platform vector) right at a certain speed. You attach a walk animation that object.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Coding the character’s controls was very easy to follow. Once you create group where you going to be adding all your characters controls. You add a plugin that lets you access the keyboards. Then you create ‘state’ in that group; essential keybindings that trigger actions (in the case of movement). Example; When W is down… Play “Jump” (animation)/ set state to “Air”/ and so on and so forth.


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