AIN Ass3 Dev Blog 7: Animating The Characters cont.

Once I got all the images cropped from the sprite sheet to all the basic move folders. I go into photoshop and remove as much of the background from the characters as possible. Making sure that I do not just replace the colour with white but I removed the content. Then I convert and save the file as Png. I do this to ensure when I make my background for the level (scene) the character is not surrounded by a white square. Which not polished and breaks immersion.

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AIN Ass3 Dev Blog 6: Animating The Characters

I begin by cropping on the basic sprite frames I know I going to need. For example walking frames or ‘taking damage’ frames.

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I do all using Microsoft Paint as opposed to Adobe Photoshop where I plan to the rest of my image editing for this project. Because I find you have more control when cropping canvas size on MS Paint.

Then began to put the compiled frames into folders such as ‘EnemyWalk’ or ‘EnemyDeath’ for easy identification when I turn them into animations in Construct 2’s engine.

AIN Ass3 Dev Blog 5: Unity Vs…

I considered using Unity initially but as I had changed to the concept of my game I was open to using an another software. So look for alternative software which specialises in 2d games preferably platformers or fighting games. The best alternative where Stenycl and Construct 2.

They both featured and simplified coding system in their designs and they specialise in 2D games. In my opinion, Stencyl has a better UI and a simpler coding system. I look more into the software and found out that it was written in Actionscript. So avoided using the software in case of overlap since I have studied flash before.

So decide to go with Construct 2.

AIN Ass3 Dev Blog 4: Animating with Sprites

I initial was going to create my own animations for my character.  But the coding is taking up more of my schedule than I had anticipated. I want my games presentation to still be bright and containing fun caricatures of ancient Japanese Samurai and warriors. So I look to anime aimed at teenagers which contain these elements.

Then I found early console adaptions which featured 2d character models.

Then I located the animation sheets (sprites) I intended to use later on. (Sprites are not embedded due to size) (2nd link)

AIN Ass3 Dev Blog 3: Minor Change in Design

Whilst looking further into designing a 2D beat em’ up game. I found out that the easiest way to make the game I had in mind was to make it 3D with flat characters and assets. Never having experience using 3D to design an artefact, let alone a game. I thought I should make more of a platformer. Which doesn’t stray too far from my initial game which I  proposed. I considered trying to continue on as plan and just design a game in 3D. But I felt the risk of me not being able to complete the project in time.

‘The initial game design I had in mind.’

‘The new game design in mind, of course much more simplified and 2D in design.’


AIN Ass3 Dev Blog 2: Narrowing The Scope cont.

In my last blog outlined the decision I had to make, when it comes to choosing the type of game I want to focus my efforts on. I choose to make a Beat em’ up game for simply fact that I had more engagement with playing those type of games. And the perspective of the game through a low medium shot of the scene is more personal than a bird’s eye view of the scene and characters.

A game that has to distinct elements from my original two game modes is Hotline Miami. Which is a essentially a beat em’ up game but with a bird’s eye view perspective which is used in tower defence games. Although the tone of the game is very different to how I envision my game. The game design is something that I am also considering, as I’m searching for the best software to build and design my game.

AIN Ass3 Dev Blog 1: Narrowing The Scope

In my game (artefact) proposal I stated that my aim was to create a game with two distinctively different game modes. Which feature fundamental different ways to engage with the narrative. Which was in brevity; a team of ‘good guys’ have to protect their village from ‘bad guys’.

One of the game modes were a side-scrolling beat-em up mode, where you have to defeat the bad guys one by one to protect the village. The other was a tower defence game mode where you essential play as the ‘good guys” commander. You get to see the village from a bird’s eye view and have to deploy different units to different areas of the map. In order to protect the village.

The game modes were so fundamental different that they may as well be different games. To conclude I need to pick one gameplay style I want my game to have.