AIN: Worldbuilding 3

dark-elves-warhammer-wallpaperThe premise of the story is still in writing and I wanted the Snowden kingdom to be very vulnerable, to the Queen Athena if she decided the attacks. I thought a exciting way of making Snowden vulnerable. Whilst subtly introducing diferent factions of the world and showing the type of monarch Gorge is. Was to have them already at war with Dark Elves before potential conflict from Nicosia arose.

In Warhammer fiction they are known as Druchii and are describe to be “completely ruthless” and “utterly merciless”. In my world I have yet to come up with a name, I want that be the perception of the reader. But as the story progesses it gives an explaination to why, they can’t be civil with humans apart from its becuase they are “completly evil to the core” which is not interested to write and is overplayed in these kinds of fantasy settings.

The background to their existence does not need to be explored too deeply in this story, becuase is not important to the current situation the hero or main character starts in.



1.Dark Elves (WIKI)

2.Black Library – Warhammer

3.Dark Elves (short wiki)


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