AIN: Managing Player Choice-Guided Games

The picture below shows all the deifferent choices a player can make in the game and the situation it puts the player in. The first thing I noticed is how linear the story is and story never splits into more than two separate timelines. I soon released why this was done, the game is suppose to feel like your every move is important and to is to a certain degree. When you play this game you feel more immersed becuase you are make choices but not too much. Sometimes in Open-World games and RPG’s the main story does not feel very important becuase you can just go off and do a side mission inbetween important missions in the main story. Another reason why it’s done this way is to save time, resources and plot material which could be used in another chapter.

I want to guide the player through the story, whilst making the player feel like his choices a driving the story.

the-walking-dead-graph-by-gamesbeatFULL RESOLUTION

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