AIN: Probability (Death) Script



AIN: Managing Player Choice-Guided Games

The picture below shows all the deifferent choices a player can make in the game and the situation it puts the player in. The first thing I noticed is how linear the story is and story never splits into more than two separate timelines. I soon released why this was done, the game is suppose to feel like your every move is important and to is to a certain degree. When you play this game you feel more immersed becuase you are make choices but not too much. Sometimes in Open-World games and RPG’s the main story does not feel very important becuase you can just go off and do a side mission inbetween important missions in the main story. Another reason why it’s done this way is to save time, resources and plot material which could be used in another chapter.

I want to guide the player through the story, whilst making the player feel like his choices a driving the story.

the-walking-dead-graph-by-gamesbeatFULL RESOLUTION

AIN: Worldbuilding 3

dark-elves-warhammer-wallpaperThe premise of the story is still in writing and I wanted the Snowden kingdom to be very vulnerable, to the Queen Athena if she decided the attacks. I thought a exciting way of making Snowden vulnerable. Whilst subtly introducing diferent factions of the world and showing the type of monarch Gorge is. Was to have them already at war with Dark Elves before potential conflict from Nicosia arose.

In Warhammer fiction they are known as Druchii and are describe to be “completely ruthless” and “utterly merciless”. In my world I have yet to come up with a name, I want that be the perception of the reader. But as the story progesses it gives an explaination to why, they can’t be civil with humans apart from its becuase they are “completly evil to the core” which is not interested to write and is overplayed in these kinds of fantasy settings.

The background to their existence does not need to be explored too deeply in this story, becuase is not important to the current situation the hero or main character starts in.



1.Dark Elves (WIKI)

2.Black Library – Warhammer

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AIN: Worldbuilding 2

Queen of the opposing kingdom of the Snowden kingdom is named after the greek goddess, Athena. Goddess of Wisdom and War, I found this name fitting because in my story she was wise enough to see the benefits to end the war between the kingdoms of Nicosia and Snowden. I chose to name the land of which reigns after Cyprus’s capital because in the story their climates are similar and Cypriots speak Greek. Which ties into the name Athena which is a goddess, of an ancient greek religion. And naming her family name; Cypriot, after a country’s demonym keeps with the with the theme I created for the Welsh. I was inspired to write a powerful woman and a society which has different ruling method.




2.Cyprus Country Profile

3.Athena Greek Mythology

AIN: Narrative Inspiration

Banya: The Explosive Delivery Man is a story which is very different in vision and setting, to what I want in my story. But, essentialy it is a story about a deliveryman, who lives a crazy fantasy world. Reading this comic made me want to add more depth in to my story and possible a shocking ending or plot twist. I don’t want the story to rely on a popular established setting or action, all the time. Which I feel the latter was true for this story.


AIN: Worldbuilding

Since my media design document, I wanted to keep the story in the popular and sometimes overused setting of which takes place in a fantasy version of medieval  Europe. Because I think can tell great story in it. I named the hero’s kingdom SNOWden to give a very subtle homage to the series A Song of Ice and Fire. I named the monarch Gorge a variation on the name George, of which we had a, period kings named George. The family name is Welsh which also ties in the first name’s historic roots quite well, since the period was British . I did this to give the world a familiarity with the readers to go with the stereotype of hardened medieval men. Which my story will definitely have.



  1. Medieval European Fantasy
  2. Georgian Period 1714 – 1837 CE
  3. A Game of Thrones

AIN: Initial Player Decision Tree

In my initial player decision tree, I decide to keep the focus what position the player would be. Instead, of what is happening in the scene, the location or story. The game starts off with a difficult choice, regardless of the choice you make, still have at least one opportunity. If you take an opportunity you still have to face some type of risk and if you did not take the opportunity you are throwin in to conflict, with a chance of dying. Regardless of how you play the game, the player has to go through some hardship to reach the end of the game.IMG_0003