Character Exploration Blog #1: Intitial Ideas

My initial idea for my game was to have a character walking an environment with his hands, since his legs a missing. With the aim of the game to find to his legs and the last background/character interaction was him dancing with his legs.

ceblog1 After been shown Flyguy in class I contemplated making another game so I can integrate flying mechanics into my game. Because I found it to be very effective for this type game (exploration). So after I came up with the idea to make a angel fly back up to heaven similar to Flyguy with less over-the-top background actions as Flyguy.

 Another game I got inspiration from is Jetpack Joyride which is a mainly mobile/tablet arcade game, but I like the jet pack idea and thought I could use it in my game. With the character exploring a cityscape or urban area, maybe starting standing on a rooftop.

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