Character Exploration Blog 6#: Reflection

My weak point was most definitely coding spend my than a third of the my time during the project trying to get background interactions working. And though I got it to work I still did not get the loop I wanted and had minor problems with my character flying. I also felt I only touched the surfaced with sound interaction. Finally my strongest point on the game development I feel was design and concept and I was very happy with end product on that point.


Character Exploration Blog 6#: Background Interactions

workdump7 workdump6 The background interactions were by far the hardest and time-consuming part of the assignment, since I didn’t initially understand how to match the actions script frames with the objects. It to me endless hours to understand my mistakes and fix them continuously till I got it to work. For my two interactions I had leaves that rustle as they fell blown off the tree and clouds that darken and blown away while crackling with thunder.

Character Exploration Blog 5#: Character’s front view

Having used the walk cycle figure provided in class as a reference having to start from for scratch creating the front view of the character was hardest part of the project design. I used the onion skin to help with getting my proportion accurate, I ended trying used symbols from the walk cycle but I had to altering them majorly so I would been the same time-wise if I create a new symbol. workdump5

Character Exploration Blog 4#: Hover/Fly cycle

 I wanted a unstable hover since it match the theme of back garden experimentation, also if the character fly vertical like a super hero it wouldn’t look organic and make the rocket symbol useless. Most of the symbols I used were remnants of my walk cycle animated through positioning. I also the the leg movement to give the effect the character is trying to maintain balance whilst in-air mid flight. workdump4

Character Exploration Blog #3: Background

My original concept for my background was have a urban setting with the flooring of the stage being rooftops, surround by towers at night. But I could not get the environment moving in the actionscript coding, and for this concept I felt the having a moving background would be more fitting. So I uncompromisingly scraped the idea and created a new one.

My new idea was to make the scene a back garden. workdump2

Character Exploration Blog #2: Walk cycle

 I started creating my walk cycle in class with the figures above then I created separate symbols for each body part in using the figures a reference. Which I went on to reuse and each time a frame was in thee same position. So for my walk cycle I approximately created a third of the symbols and edited a third for similar positions. Maximizing efficiency and making sure my character looks the same and proportional throughout the frames. workdump3

Character Exploration Blog #1: Intitial Ideas

My initial idea for my game was to have a character walking an environment with his hands, since his legs a missing. With the aim of the game to find to his legs and the last background/character interaction was him dancing with his legs.

ceblog1 After been shown Flyguy in class I contemplated making another game so I can integrate flying mechanics into my game. Because I found it to be very effective for this type game (exploration). So after I came up with the idea to make a angel fly back up to heaven similar to Flyguy with less over-the-top background actions as Flyguy.

 Another game I got inspiration from is Jetpack Joyride which is a mainly mobile/tablet arcade game, but I like the jet pack idea and thought I could use it in my game. With the character exploring a cityscape or urban area, maybe starting standing on a rooftop.