Lumiere Brothers (PPIM)

lumierebrothers lllAuguste and Louis Lumiere were French film makers born in years 1862 and 1864 respectively, known for being early pioneers of cinema. Originally for Besançon they migrated to Lyon in 1870, Where they both attended the largest Technical school in the city; La Martiniere. During this time they also worked under their father Claude-Antoine in his photographic firm (Pioneers Lumiere Brothers, 2014). Shortly after their fathers retirement in 1892, the brothers start to delve into creating motion pictures before that very term was coined.

They began patenting processes need to make motion films, like film perforations for usage in cameras and projectors. Then they patented an improved Cinématographe, which is a early film camera originally made and patented by Léon Guillaume Bouly in 1892. On the 13th of Febuary 1895 (Cinematographes, 2008) the brothers recorded on the version of the Cinématographe for the first time, show workers leaving their factory. Then went on to publicly screen that and nine other films no longer than 49 seconds each, nonetheless this was the birth of film.


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