Interesting Uses of Sound

First Video >>>

In the first video you see this man play on a makeshift instrument he created by himself out of PVC and pipes. To deliver a unique reversion and cover of many songs including Mario Brothers theme tune, James Bond theme tune, Like a virgin and The Final Countdown.

Second Video >>>

The second video shows what Ultrasounds are and how they work. And the use of sound is comparable to echolation in bats in a sense of the machine translates sound they produce to generate a 3 dimensional image.

Third Video >>>

Third video shows the most interesting use of sound in my opinion. Since the creators of the Sonic Decanter say that vibrations of high frequency breakdown preservatives in wines, soften tannins, releases aromas. Which all elevate the flavour of the wine and these effects all naturally occur over years and years of fermentation, but with this product it supposedly occurs within 15 or 20 minutes depending on the colour of the wine.

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