Giovanni Caselli (PPIM)

Giovanni_Caselli caselli7

Giovanni Caselli born in 1815 was a an inventor of the late 19th century that created the Pantelegraph. Even though Caselli studied to become a Catholic priest and was in fact ordained in the mid 1830’s. He went on to tutor for the sons of Count Marquis Sanvitale of Mordena, after 8 years of living as a tutor in Parma in the Province of Moderna he participated in the roits for annexation of Duchy of Moderna to Piedmont. As a result he was expelled from Duchy and upon being forced out of Moderna. He returned to Florence and in the same year he became a professor of physics in the same his same school of study many years ago; University of Florence.

As a professor of physics he went on to develop the Pantelegraph which is the direct predecessor of the Fax machine. The Pantelegraph was a machine design to send message through a wire over long distances using electromechanical system. Casselli devoted a lot of his time when not teaching in research into the technology of the telegraph’s transmission of images and simple words alike. During this period Bains and Bakewell fellow scholars living in Britain were also trying to create a similar machine. The main problem in the research all scholars ran it to was how to synchronise the transmitting and receiving parts so they would work together. Bains failed and Bakewell continued his work but his method did not work well since he couldn’t balance the transmission and reception times (Mid Nineteenth Century Electrochemistry). Casselli developed a regulating clock to make the sending receiving mechanisms work in tandem and went on to surpass everyone his the field at the current time.


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