David Carson (PPIM)

66439_254x191 David Carson's Ray GunDavid Carson is an American graphic designer and art director born in 1954, best known for his Grunge-like and experimental typography featured in Rock and Roll magazine; Ray Gun. Born in Texas, Carson went on to study sociology in San Diego State University. In 1982 he became a high school teacher and professional surfer for 5 years, during this time Carson use to experiment with graphic design and two years later he became an art director for a skateboarding magazine for four years. (Design Boom, 2013)

He stood out because his style was opposite image portrayed in mainstream magazines and in 1992 he was hired by Marvin Scott Jarrett to become the art director for Ray Gun before its debut in the same year. Leaving Ray Gun after three years Carson went New York City and found his own studio; David Carson Design. (Design is History) At this point he was a already renown in the design world and had huge clients such Nike, Microsoft, Mercedes-Benz, Warner-Bros and British Airways.


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