V&A Undead Media: Project Evaluation

I had no problems in the initial stages of the project where we were only tasked with researching notable people in that help progress media, an undead media and interesting uses of sound. The only real problem I ran for my research blog was that my blog was not working so I had to create a new one and release all of them in a batch. But that didn’t set me back and I went on to develop my idea for my poster which I clearly knew how I wanted to.

For my first attempt I tried to solely use flash for my project excluding the images but I ran in many problems with symbols, tweening and even If didn’t my idea could of been pull of more time and effort efficiently. I eventually decided to find images online that somewhat fit my idea and edit them accordingly. Then proceed to add images and text to them before adding them to flash to animate and add buttons.

But when I was doing this I didn’t sizing into consideration. I realised this when I previewed my unfinished project in flash and it was so small that you couldn’t make out the images let alone the texts. So I went on on Paint.net (an image editor) to resize the images whilst altering to prevent it losing quality when upscaled the results were lacklustre, and that was the end of my second try.

So on my third approach to the production of the poster I made decide to not rely on one software over the other (Flash and Paint.net in this case). And use both their functions in tandem to produce the best poster I can. Which seemed to be going well until my computer started glitch and leading to the crash of flash. Though no work was lost and I could of transferred it on to a different system. But due to my lack of preparation.

I was force to dropped my current project and start a new project, which seemed like a battle between me and ActionScript. Due to time I was force to drop a lot of aspects I once had in my mind for may initial idea. Even though ran into a lot of problems in the project and my initial idea was not fully realised. I feel that I learnt a lot from my mistakes than in workshops and now a lot more comfortable than I was using ActionScript a couple weeks back.


Complete Project References





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Interesting Uses of Sound

First Video >>> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0D2o8F2MOuI

In the first video you see this man play on a makeshift instrument he created by himself out of PVC and pipes. To deliver a unique reversion and cover of many songs including Mario Brothers theme tune, James Bond theme tune, Like a virgin and The Final Countdown.

Second Video >>> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GvbXHoiQHbI

The second video shows what Ultrasounds are and how they work. And the use of sound is comparable to echolation in bats in a sense of the machine translates sound they produce to generate a 3 dimensional image.

Third Video >>> http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2837672/The-gadget-makes-wine-taste-good-Sonic-Decanter-uses-sound-waves-age-cheap-plonk-boost-flavour-20-minutes.html#v-3894902308001

Third video shows the most interesting use of sound in my opinion. Since the creators of the Sonic Decanter say that vibrations of high frequency breakdown preservatives in wines, soften tannins, releases aromas. Which all elevate the flavour of the wine and these effects all naturally occur over years and years of fermentation, but with this product it supposedly occurs within 15 or 20 minutes depending on the colour of the wine.

Lumiere Brothers (PPIM)

lumierebrothers lllAuguste and Louis Lumiere were French film makers born in years 1862 and 1864 respectively, known for being early pioneers of cinema. Originally for Besançon they migrated to Lyon in 1870, Where they both attended the largest Technical school in the city; La Martiniere. During this time they also worked under their father Claude-Antoine in his photographic firm (Pioneers Lumiere Brothers, 2014). Shortly after their fathers retirement in 1892, the brothers start to delve into creating motion pictures before that very term was coined.

They began patenting processes need to make motion films, like film perforations for usage in cameras and projectors. Then they patented an improved Cinématographe, which is a early film camera originally made and patented by Léon Guillaume Bouly in 1892. On the 13th of Febuary 1895 (Cinematographes, 2008) the brothers recorded on the version of the Cinématographe for the first time, show workers leaving their factory. Then went on to publicly screen that and nine other films no longer than 49 seconds each, nonetheless this was the birth of film.


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