CFE Ass1 Dev Blog 15: Preparing for The New Blood Awards

I still want to submit for the New Blood Awards I would want to change my project. The two major ways I would address the designing the slides would be going with my original vision; incorporating cartoons and illustrations. Or I would keep my same design by not use mockups and stock images and have photoshoots tailored to each slide.

I could also possibly tweak me idea as well or at least go into more detail. Because in an effort ot not clutter each slide, I may have inadvertently made my descriptions vague. I would also revise my colour scheme a little bit and monitor how I implement it into my project.

I initial try to make a full site just to make convincing visualisation from them but it would of took to much time for this project, but now thats a not a problem when sumbiting for the upcoming awarads in March 2018.


CFE Ass1 Dev Blog 14: Expanded Research

The articles above details the importance of coding especially in the future. Although this app is mostly focus on improving employability. I still thought it would be a good to include coding courses in the service as it improve their CV. Also this opens up the service to a wider audience.

Bradford, L. (2017). 6 Non-Coding Digital Skills To Boost Your Resume. [online] The Balance. Available at:

The article above list an array of useful skills that aren’t coding heavy but contribute a lot to your CV. In hindsight could of showcase a few of these in my visualisation that show some of the courses available.

CFE Ass1 Dev Blog 13: Reflecting On My Project

I fun doing this project but what because my time managing I had to make comprimises that I wouldn’t normally make. Namely having to change the way I presented my project from my original vision drastically. I love to have incorporated cartoons in my slides since I’ve seen it done to great effect professionally and I find the style very visual engaging.

In terms of blog I can now look back and say their should of been more research earlier on. Which I will rectify in my next post.

CFE Ass1 Dev Blog 12: Structuring The Slides

This will be the text on each slide:

  1. Sign Up Today – Access Skills Deck on any device. To begin taking steps into enhancing your employability!
  2. Access Hundreds Courses – Ranging from courses that help you transform your portfolio, all the way up to courses teaching you code!
  3. At Your Convenience – All courses are available offline. Also you take each lesson in Audio, Video or Text format.
  4. Industry Professionals – All courses are made by industry professionals.
  5. Daily Quizzes – All courses have quizzes and tests that you can do alongside your lessons to help you retain everything you learned.

Mine slide will have the logos, a header, a short description and supporting images.


CFE Ass1 Dev Blog 11: Finding Assets

With my decision to use product mockups to showcase my idea was not simple as expected. I a lot of them are very expensive, which does make sense for professionals. But I have to credit my work regardless of whether I pay for a full license or not. So it took me time to find a reliable commercial database. Which is, they also do stock photos which may be useful in the future.2017-11-29 (4)2017-11-29 (3)