CFE Ass1 Dev Blog 4: Brand Decision

I decided to keep the Pearson branding since I think that it has more positives than negatives. The new initiative will be called “Skills Deck”. Since I decided to use Pearson branding specifically the logo, I have to follow their guidelines for it’s usage. As I plan to separate it from the main site as their usually focus is on education.

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CFE Ass1 Dev Blog 3: Deciding the Branding

Although Pearson is a very large and established company, they mainly cater to young adults and children as well as their parents. Which alone is not is not a negative thing, if this product is branded as Pearson. I fear the chance that possible comsumers who know the company may assume this new product is not for them.

Considering to brand the product as a government initative since aforementioned research states the older generation learning is better for the economy. Additionally this expands the reach a product like this can have. Also everyone may not know of Pearson but everyone know of their government. However appealling this idea may be it may not be valid since personal branding seems to be acceptable but this idea is another brand (government).

CFE Ass1 Dev Blog 2: Initial Research

The Importance of Digital Skills in the Modern Workplace
This article provide many insights into how I can present this app and also legitimise it.
“UK needs 750,000 more people with digital skills to capitalise on jobs that could boost the UK economy by 12 billion pounds.” With is being the case I could present the app as a government initative.

Employability Skills – Skills You Need for a Job

This article highlights the importance of having even a base understanding of digital skills can contribute to a candidate’s employability. “Acquiring basic IT skills and being familiar with using a computer may open up a wide range of employment opportunities and increase your marketability in the workplace.”

Read more at:

CFE Ass1 Dev Blog 1: Identifying the Major Issue

With this Pearson New Blood Awards Brief I decided to pick the biggest issue that effects the older generations employabilty that can be solved through simple and direct learning. Which is a separate Pearson branded site which offers an arrays tutorial directed for improving digital skills which are a prerequiste to employers in the modern day.

Things to consider:

  • Making the site itself very simple and clear because the targeted user base is not well versed in computers.
  • If the site needs to even be Pearson branded.
  • Gather accurate research to support my idea/solution.
  • Present issues with being offensive.

AIN Ass3 Dev Blog 13: Coding & Design Update

I’m currently the most different part of the coding, in my opinion, Enemy AI. If I knew it was going to be so difficult I would prioritise doing it. Given how late it is in the project I think I have to comprise some ideas I had in mind for the enemy. That directly affect the narrative, namely “The hero defeats the leader of the bandits”. The hero still has to defeat bandits to protect his village. I wanted to tell the story visually and through gameplay. But I may have to think of alternative ideas like text on the background or on the menu screen giving a short description of the story. I feel this way since I still have problems with the background, coupled with the fact that I don’t have much varition between enemies. I don’t see it immersing the gamer into the world or at least the situation, as much as I initially envisioned at the start of the project.


AIN Ass3 Dev Blog 12: Coding & Design Update

2017-04-20 (17).pngI experienced some problems with the tile background and level design. I am concerned that I may have expanded too much. I can’t seem to make a background in software using objects I created. On the other hand, I have made progress on my character code and collisions. And managed to implement a health bar (icons actually). I will return to coding the level later.

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*Setting animations collisions are not done fully

AIN Ass3 Dev Blog 11: Coding The Level

Continuing from last blog’s tutorial, I was able to think bigger. Increasing the amount of platforms without having to make my scene bigger than I wanted or the level and characters small. By utilising the ‘pin’ behaviour on an invisible object. That I linked to character position in the levels event code sheet. I made a tracking camera, which keeps the character in focus. And opens up the possibility of a user interface, where could possibly represent the character’s health or energy.

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I also began start coding respawns, so that you don’t need to reload the web page after death.